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About Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard got started with Primerica in 1981. Under his leadership, over 20 people have succeeded in building cash flows exceeding $100K.

In 2003 Sam Shepard became Sam & Elaine Shepard when the two wed in Maui, Hawaii. That year will always be a “year to remember” because the SuperTeam made history when Sam was blessed to become the 1st African American in Primerica to reach one million dollars in income.

We know that God has used Primerica as a vehicle to bless us. We also believe that part of our calling is to introduce this opportunity to as many people as we can and mentor you to help you reach your goals and dreams. We know that what he has done for one he will do for another.

The relationships that you develop here are priceless. We are like one huge extended family. It brings us so much joy when we see dreams coming true for them through the Primerica opportunity.

We thank God for Primerica. We give him all the glory and the honor for what we have been blessed with, but we know that this is just the beginning; the best is yet to come!

How do you become successful in this business? Sell out to helping others become successful.

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